Jacob Young Social Media - Paid for a Website and services. NEVER RECEIVED.

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In July 2012, I contact Jacob Young and Young social media (http://www.youngsocialmedia.com) to build a website and provide a range of services including SEO. The fee was $3500 but he gave me a discount to $2500. I paid and we started discussing what I wanted. These discussions continued until September 2012.

In September, Jacob Young contacted me and he was away from home. He had no access to money and something was wrong with his credit cards. He asked me to send him (via green dot) $300. At this point, you are thinking why did I fall for that. Well, the simple answer is that I knew Jacob from college, so while it was weird, I figured it was no big deal. After I sent him the money, I never heard from him again. That was mid September 2012.

After almost a month of trying to contact him via FB, LinkedIn, phone messages and texts, I contact my Credit Card company. They issued a credit and all was good. Until, the merchant provided a fake website to the CC Company. They put the charge back on. Further, Young Social Media purchased their own website and placed content on that website. It was a poor website that they quickly created on Wix. Even though, I had proof that the merchant promised an original website, there was nothing more the CC Company could do.

So, I am out $2800 and I have no website or any services of any kind. If you come across this company and service, be VERY careful.


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8) He's been very easy for me to contact and it's taken less than 24 hours to get my website built and online.

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